JUNE 9, 2018

  • 4K (2.5 miles) Individual Eat-and-Run event (age 10+)
    • Or if you prefer, you can walk your way to victory
  • Each runner/walker will eat a small portion of food from a local Nolensville restaurant before and after the run
  • Food portions range in size from 4 oz. to 8 oz.
  • Costumes are encouraged! (prizes for best costumes will be awarded)
  • How the race works:
    1. Eat as fast as you can
    2. Run as fast as you can
    3. Eat as fast as you can
    4. Finish in the top 10 (Men and Women)
    5. Those top 10 will race in a 2nd heat
    6. Top 3 finishers get some sweet prizes
  • A signed waiver is required for all entrants
  • Entertainment is provided throughout the event
  • Hoggin’ N Joggin’ will happen rain or shine!
  • There is an option to buy yourself out of eating (An easier race for your stomach, but removes you from prize/place contention!)
  • For the kiddos under 10, we are happy to have our Lil Hogs Fun Run where they will compete in a 1-mile kids fun run and eat a small treat before crossing the finish line


  • Master Hogger (Individual 4 K (2.5 miles) fun run)
    • $35 per person
    • Eat > Run 2.5miles (or 4k) > Eat > Celebrate like a Boss Hog
    • Ages 10+
    • Finish in the top 10 of Heat 1 (Men and Women) to compete in Heat 2 for some trophies and some pretty sweet prizes!!!
  • Slow Hoggin' (Individual 2.5K (1.5 miles) walk)
    • $20 per person
    • Eat > Walk 2.5K > Eat
    • Ages 5+
  • Lil' Hogs Fun Run (Individual 1-mile fun run)
    • $15 per child
    • Run 1-mile > Eat a small treat
    • Ages 5+
    • Parents encouraged to run with their child
    • Begins directly after the main event


All race day activities take place at the Nolensville Town Center, adjacent to Martin's BBQ Joint. The race course map is shown below.